However, they were able to leave the place without a fight, taking Superman with them. Strange and the others are rounded up by the Suicide Squad. He manages to avert the disaster and Eli is arrested. It is also revealed that Strange artificially created the "ghost" that haunted Thorne by using strategically-placed devices that simulated the appearance of an evil spirit. It is also revealed he was the one who had hired an ass… Strange's experiments have literally monstrous results, with his test subjects turning into gigantic, mindless "Monster Men", possessing superhuman strength and cannibalistic instincts. He also attempts to frame Batman as a criminal. Strange wears what he terms a "suicide suit" - a near-replica of the Batsuit without the cape and cowl that is rigged to detonate if its wearer is subjected to any physical attack - on the assumption that Batman will have no choice but to surrender the cowl to him as the "true" Batman since he cannot take a life. [21] Eli is first seen playing a game of poker with members of the Russian Mob, betting a valuable bracelet, winning big and cleaning house. After Gordon and Fox deactivated the bomb and the police arrived at Arkham Asylum, Hugo Strange was arrested by the police who claims that the "monsters" that the Indian Hill facility made are still out there. However, Strange is defeated and sent to prison. With Supergirl as a guinea pig, Strange intended to create a perfect army in order to purge the world. About two months before the death of the Waynes, Hugo hired a crew of thieves through a contact, to burglarize the Wayne Manor and get access to the secrets behind Wayne's files. After stitching Nygma's head back closed, Strange reveals that a powerful electrical charge overloaded the chip but that everything else is updated. La seconde saison de la série TV Gotham est en cours de diffusion actuellement, cela n’empêche pas la production de continuer à recruter de nouveaux acteurs pour des rôles importants dans la série comme le Docteur Hugo Strange ou encore Nora et Victor Fries! [7] When Bruce Wayne checks into the hospital to recover discreetly from radiation burns he sustained while fighting Doctor Phosphorus, Strange finds out that Wayne is Batman and uses this information to wreak havoc on his personal life. [10], Under orders from the white-haired female member of the Court, Hugo Strange has most of his patie. En 2016, il joue le rôle du Dr. Hugo Strange dans la deuxième saison de Gotham. Victor Fries and Bridgit Pike buy Fish Mooney time to get away with Hugo Strange. Hold the phone — Benedict Cumberbatch went and grew himself a goatee. After Gordon frees General Wade, Bruce meets up with them and tells them that Nyssa is planning on using the military to destroy Gotham but General Wade tells them that he can order the military to stand down. Hugo is satisfied with Gordon finally waking up but Gordon states that Strange picked the losing side since the military army is coming to Gotham. Hugo Strange was originally a criminal scientist who uses a stolen \"concentrated lightning\" machine to generate a dense fog, allowing him to rob banks unseen. [15], Taking Alfred's advise during the chaos caused by the bomb's explosion, Hugo Strange makes his way to a train station and was able to get a ticket out of town only for him to be intercepted by Fish Mooney's men. ... Acteur: Donal Logue (Harvey Bullock) ... (le docteur Strange) After being interrogated by Alfred Pennyworth on where Bruce Wayne is being held, Hugo Strange is let go by Alfred who advises him to leave town. Strange is later present to witness the premature resurrection of Patient 44, also known as Theo Galavan, who brutally murders the staff in the room and screams out the name of Azrael. Strange initially declines her request, but changes his mind when Fish reminds him that the police are approaching. In the Post-Crisis continuity, Strange was reintroduced in the "Prey" storyline as an eccentric private psychiatrist enlisted to help a task force assigned to capture Batman by providing them with a psychological profile of the vigilante. The Scarecrow turns on Strange when the professor's therapy proves effective enough to turn the Scarecrow against his "benefactor", tricking Strange into falling into the cellar of his mansion base where the twisted psychiatrist is impaled on a weather vane that the Scarecrow had left in the cellar earlier. Hugo being once again in league with the Court of Owls. After that, Gordon gives Strange an envelope with a court order to exhume the body of Victor Fries, but Strange is quick to tell him that Victor's body was cremated. Retrouvez toute l'actualité sur la série TV Gotham ainsi que le résumé des épisodes, les critiques, les photos et les vidéos. Strange found new allies within the Soviets. Doctor Strange ou Docteur Strange au Québec est un film de super-héros américain réalisé par Scott Derrickson, sorti en 2016.Adapté du personnage de Docteur Strange créé par Steve Ditko, c'est le 14 e film de l'univers cinématographique Marvel et le 2 e de la phase III.. [23], Hugo Strange appears in DC Rebirth during the Night of the Monster Men crossover event. Wong, vu … Hugo Strange reportedly grew up with an abusive father who would beat his mother every night. Gordon and Bullock don't arrest him in order to keep the Court of Owls from finding out what happened. The two remained friends until adulthood when Thomas placed him in-charge of Pinewood Farms. BD Wong, Actor: Jurassic Park. Under the control of Fish Mooney, Bullock leads her, Marv, Nancy, and Sid to Strange. Batman not only holds off the creatures, but uses them as part of an inventive escape. Casting : tous les acteurs/actrices de la série TV Gotham avec historique des différentes séries des acteurs Strange's primary task was to find the means to bring the dead back to life with their memories intact. When Gotham City becomes a no man's land, Tabitha Galavan learns from Hugo Strange that his plan to restore Solomon Grundy back to Butch Gilzean worked. Afterward, Strange met with Jim Gordon at Arkham Asylum questioning him about the death of Karen Jennings and his participation in the Pinewood Farms program. [12], It was revealed that Strange was incarcerated in an old mansion that conceals a high-tech laboratory where the scientists there are trying to get information about Indian Hill from them. As revealed two issues later in Batman #356 (February 1983), Strange had indeed survived the beating from Thorne's men by using yoga techniques to slow his heartbeat to an undetectable level. Strange refuses Edward Nygma's offer to take Gordon down, though Nygma unintentionally gives him an idea of how to solve his problem with Theo Galavan. As a result, he begins to cut his head open and examine his brain, apologizing for the discomfort and telling him that a simple reboot of the chip should be all that's required. [16], In Batman #665, Batman tells Tim Drake that a huge man dressed like a combination of Bane and Batman had beaten him up and he suspects that the impostor had used "Hugo Strange's monster serum and daily Venom shots" to gain his size and strength. 'Gotham' Actor BD Wong on Playing Hugo Strange, Being the Villain to the Villains, and More By Christina Radish Mar 07, 2016 He also talks about adapting … They fund his researches and he created several clones using Supergirl's DNA, of which two of them are Power Girl, who became the U.S.S.R.'s secret weapon, and Superman, who he considered a failure. In the modern timeline, Strange returns in a four-part storyline called "Transference". Christophe Foltzer | 9 février 2016 ... Gotham : l'acteur derrière le masque de … [5] In Detective Comics #46 (December 1940), Strange returns and starts spreading a fear-inducing powder around the city until a punch from Batman again sends him falling to his apparent death. Hugo looked to reopen the project, but with Thomas in the way this wouldn't be possible. The Scarecrow led Batman to believe that a small boy in a picture would be harmed unless he put a stop to it. Fries successfully kills her. [9], Later, Strange returns yet again (the Hugo Strange that "died" in the explosion was revealed to be a Mandroid) in Batman Annual #10 (1986), in another attempt to destroy Batman and Bruce Wayne, this time attempting to financially bankrupt Wayne by using various tricks to force three Wayne Enterprises shareholders to sell their stock holdings to him so he could bankrupt the company. The plan backfired, however; following the experiment, he could remember nothing but his son's death. He then sends Victor Fries after the transport carrying her. Leslie Thompkins est une femme d'une trentaine d'années. At Oswald Cobblepot's Mansion, Fish Mooney still wants Hugo Strange to make her an army of monsters. The following day, he confronts Strange and tricks the professor into doubting his own hypothesis about Batman's secret identity, claiming that his parents are alive and living in Paraguay and that he has no idea what Strange is talking about when he discusses mannequins. Batman is able to stop Strange from further exploiting his knowledge of his secret identity by falsely claiming that he hypnotized Strange to give him a fake idea of Batman's true identity just before Commissioner Gordon shows up to arrest him; his explanation is so convincing that Strange begins to wonder if Batman is attempting a complex double-bluff by letting him think that Bruce Wayne is Batman and thus doubts whether his original conclusion was correct. Batman becomes involved after discovering some of the gruesome remains of the Monster's Men's cannibalistic rampages. Mooney is brought back seemingly with all her memories intact, prompting Strange to relay this new development to his employers: the Court of Owls. Carmine Falcone then ordered Jim Gordon to kill Penguin, but instead spared him, and Penguin returned to Gotham and eventually became a kingpin, thus setting in motion the rest of the series' events. [20], The New 52 (a 2011 reboot of the DC Comics universe) introduces the reader to Hugo Strange's son, Eli Strange, for the first time. Soon after, he turns the Monster Men loose, including Sanjay's brother (who had also been mutated as a result of Strange's "treatments"), at Falcone's private estate in a bid to wipe out the mob's leaders, erasing his debt and covering up their ties to his work. Strange attempted to stop the Reaper, Lois Lane, Steve Trevor, Power Girl and Supergirl using his remaining clones. While the investigation into the robbery was ongoing, an additional man was sent to follow Thomas and managed to trail him as far as the hideout where Karen Jennings lived. [14], Dark Moon Rising: Batman and the Monster Men, "Prey" and "Terror" all take place during Batman's early years. The next … Strange also diagnoses Batman with various mental illnesses, such as explaining Batman's use of a costume as symptomatic of a multiple personality disorder, whereas Gordon more accurately explains the Batsuit's intended purpose as "scaring the pants off criminals". Gotham dévoile enfin le diabolique Docteur Hugo Strange. Gotham is an American crime television series developed by Bruno Heller, based on characters appearing in and published by DC Comics in their Batman franchise, primarily those of James Gordon and Bruce Wayne.The series premiered in the United States on September 22, 2014 on Fox television network. [15], Following that, Strange reappears as the head of a gang of supervillains attempting to take control of Gotham's East Side, then controlled by Catwoman. Abilities : Genius-level intellect, Trained in psychiatry, chemistry, and biology As a result, Strange apologizes in advance before beginning the process and injecting an unidentified green chemical into Eduardo's veins, causing them to turn green and his eyes to become bloodshot. When Jim and Eduardo manage to find Nygma and Strange, Strange tells Gordon that he was just helping Nygma because he needed medical attention which Gordon doesn't believe. Bored and hoping to pit his wits against Batman again, Strange, now using the alias of Dr. Todhunter, opens a private hospital, Graytowers Clinic, for Gotham's wealthiest citizens, where he holds them for ransom before mutating them into mindless monsters. Arriving at the scene, Batman realizes that the small boy was actually Eli. When the angry mob breaks through, Fish and Marv escape out the back with Strange while Nancy and Sid hold off the mob. Malone then fled the scene, leaving Bruce to scream in anguish over his parent's brutal killing. He begins to wonder what he can do to them.[18]. Strange also reveals that he wasn't the one controlling Nygma and that he gave control to someone else who he is willing to reveal before tricking Nygma and spraying him, telling him that he is experiencing a neural cutout and that he is mystified as to how Nygma had became aware that he's being controlled. Strange eventually concludes that Bruce Wayne is most likely Batman, brainwashes the task force's commander to impersonate Batman to turn the public against him, and kidnaps the Mayor's daughter while dressed as the Dark Knight. [4], When Oswald Cobblepot is sent to Arkham Asylum after confessing to killing Theo Galavan, Strange meets him for a session and says he will cure him of his sickness. [6], He returned years later in the 1970s in the "Strange Apparitions" story arc in Detective Comics #469-479 (May 1977-September–October 1978). As the task force's investigation progresses, Strange grows increasingly maniacal in his obsession with Batman, going so far as expressing a desire to become Batman and dressing up in a replica Batsuit. Wayne is able to escape by using cleaning fluid to start a fire, puts on the Batsuit to fake the Dark Knight's death when the Batmobile explodes just as he lands in it, and triggers a post-hypnotic suggestion in himself, forcing him to completely repress the Batman aspect of his mind until Robin and Nightwing can defeat Strange. Strange is responsible for the creation of a majority of Batman's future villains, whether directly or indirectly. He then bribes a corrupt orderly to supply him with ideal test subjects: incurably insane inmates from Arkham Asylum who have been institutionalized for so long that they will not be missed. Gordon arrives to help fight the ninjas which resulted in Fish Mooney getting accidentally stabbed by Gordon. [16], When Oswald Cobblepot shows the Indian Hill barrel he pulled out of Slaughter Swamp to Solomon Grundy, he swayed him to his side while stating that they will find Hugo Strange and see if he can restore him to normal. Badly injured individuals were delivered to the asylum, one of them being Bridgit Pike who had been badly burned all over her body. He was an employee of former school mate Thomas Wayne at Pinewood Farms, after his experiments led to the program being shut down he looked into reopening the program, which he deemed impossible without Thomas out of the picture. After meeting Oswald, Strange takes a secret elevator down to the Indian Hill facility and is informed about Mr. Hugo after being recruited to cure Butch. When the Batgirls attempted to stop the Penguin and his allies, Hugo Strange used his modified gun to force the Batgirls to fight each other. Nyssa puts a defibrillator mask on Eduardo in order to save his life and tells him that she'll bring him to Hugo Strange, who will be able to patch him up and save his life. Initially appearing in his own Batsuit, he captures Catwoman with the aid of his henchwoman Dora – a former patient who has been subjected to extensive mental conditioning by Strange to act as a new "Catwoman", albeit wielding a gun – and attempts to interrogate her about Batman's current status, Strange dismissing the existence of Batman's new allies by proclaiming them to be "parasites", as he cannot accept that Batman would share his "power". A bright kid, but he apparently had a hell of a temper. Having survived his earlier "death" (how this happened is never explained, seen or shown), Strange left Gotham City and went to Europe for several years, where his criminal career prospered with no one to challenge him. Six months following the escape of his experiments, Fish Mooney began leading the remaining escaped monsters to find Strange so he can prevent them from dying as the use of their powers causes them to weaken due to her body rejecting the new cells that her abilities are creating. 12. Using The Will and Order of St. Dumas which told the story of the immortal warrior Azrael, Strange goes into the reanimation lab to speak to Galavan, but the resurrected Galavan quickly attacks him. See, Professor Hugo Strange makes his live action debut in season two of, Hugo Strange appears in a short animated film created by, Hugo Strange's character bio is unlockable in, Hugo Strange is a featured villain and playable character in the mini-game "Villain Hunt" on the, Hugo Strange is among many other DC characters included in, Hugo Strange appears as a playable character in, This page was last edited on 16 January 2021, at 05:53. The Batman had chanced upon the looming threat of Strange in Gotham thanks to the dying words of F.B.I. An angered Nygma asks why Strange controlled and made him kill all of the people in Haven while Strange is surprised by the fact that Edward Nygma was the one who destroyed Haven. Catwoman joins Strange's gang, then allows its members to "find out" that she intends to betray them, faking her death when they attempt to eliminate her. They were only able to get as far as stealing one of the Manor's paintings, a Picasso, before they were interrupted by Thomas Wayne who shot and killed one of the burglars. When she doesn't prove to be useful upon not knowing where Strange is being held, she gets her life force drained from her by Marv and is killed. Batman breaks the ropes, gases the room, and defeats Strange, who is jailed but quickly begins planning his escape. agent John Davis. Strange was sent to an undisclosed location. Butterfly." When Gordon looks at Nygma who has his eyes open, Strange reveals that he used a bio-medical anethesia on Nygma but Gordon orders him to wake him up which Strange does. The Pinewood project was reopened, with it taking place at a secret underground facility known as Indian Hill, located under Arkham Asylum. At some point Hugo Strange was employed as the chief of psychiatry at Arkham Asylum, leaving him to carry out the day-to-day running of the asylum (in which he appeared to look for a way to rehabilitate patients) as well as gaining access to the underground lab via a secret elevator to check on the progress. To avoid attention, a toxic waste dump was used as a cover for Indian Hill's more sinister activities. When asked by Cobblepot why she didn't kill him, Mooney states that she was his umbrella boy and that she turned Cobblepot into Penguin. Most likely due to the fact that the name Dr. Using this breakthrough in his research, Strange plans to revive many more of the villains delivered to his lab. Elle porte souvent sa blouse de médecin. Bridgit Pike came to Selina's defense and dueled Victor Fries until Hugo Strange was accidentally caught in the crossfire upon seeing Gordon, Fox, and Wayne escaping. With Harvey Dent at the head of Gotham City, Strange would have had access to all Gothamites' genes and control the generations to come. Thus far, he is responsible for the creation of Mr. Gordon then reveals that he only did so to get confirmation that he was the one behind it all, and afterward Strange realizes that Gordon gave him an empty envelope. Now wanting to lose, Thorne has Strange abducted and beaten by his men to reveal Batman's identity, but Strange apparently dies without ever telling him. #famarvelforever. Strange uses the Monster Men to commit crimes so he can put together the money needed to pay back his Mafia connections. Later on, Penguin has Hugo Strange work on the corpses of Lee Thompkins and Edward Nygma. Incarné par l'acteur B. D. Wong (le docteur Wu de Jurrasic Park et Jurassic World), Hugo Strange est au cœur d'un extrait dévoilé par la Fox à une semaine de la reprise de la série. Professor Strange has been employed by the Court of Owls and League of Shadows to carry out freakish experiments, contributing to the rise of super-criminals in Gotham City. He later released her from Arkham Asylum, telling Ethel that he is going to study her. Hugo Strange was always called Professor Strange when he was running Arkham Asylum, despite being a medical professional and top psychologist which are usually referred to as doctors. Strange tells Gordon that he is a few modifications from being a mighty soldier in Nyssa's force not unlike Eduardo. [12], It is possible that the events of Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy's "Prey" storyline take place at this point. Plusieurs tailles au choix pour petit et grand bric-à-brac. At some point, he was approached by an Indian man named Sanjay, who seeks Strange's aid in curing his sick brother. nts loaded onto a bus bound for facility upstate while having a bomb set to blow up the Indian Hill facility. Nobody knows how he put himself through college and medical school." He worked alongside another doctor at the asylum named Ethel Peabody. Strange realizes that he is, in fact, angry at his own wasted life and deformed body, so he uses the Cosmic Rod to commit suicide.[11]. He is then able to kill all the other monsters, and sends Strange to his apparent death in a fall from a cliff, although he suspects that the mad scientist has survived. He has a dozen of his men ambush the vigilante, and one of them knocks him out with a blackjack. Later, Gordon is brought to a lab where he finds himself strapped to a medical table and in the presence of Hugo Strange, who covers up a tied up General Wade. In order to get the info on where the cure for the Alice Tetch virus is, Oswald Cobblepot and Victor Fries use the same machine that Strange once used on Cobblepot. Freeze and his ability to reanimate a corpse, something that Strange was looking to perfect with the bodies that he has in Indian Hill's possession. the process by injecting him with a little it of the unidentified green chemical that he used on Eduardo, leading to Gordon gaining enough strength to break out of one of the straps and kick Strange. Thomas shut down the project and put Karen into protection.[2]. He extracted the blood from Nathaniel Barnes as he and Kathryn Monroe test it on an unknown person. Retrouvez tout le casting de la saison 1 de la série Gotham (2014): les acteurs, les réalisateurs et les scénaristes A list of banks and other financial targets, coupled with a cryptic reference to fog, put the Dark Knight on the alert. The surgeon lacks Strange's skill, and the operation leaves Strange physically deformed (the surgeon is then killed for his failure). Votre monnaie, vos cartes de crédit, votre téléphone et vos crayons vont enfin rester groupir. Batman wakes up in Strange's lair, where Strange hangs him from his wrists and lashes him with a whip. Mais ce qui n'est au départ qu'une simple assistance à la police et à la mairie tourne bien vite à l'obsession : Strange fait de la recherche de Batman et de son identification une priorité absolue, au point de ne plus penser qu'à cela. Wong is playing Doctor Hugo Strange on Gotham (a DC property), but Benedict Wong is playing Wong in the movie Doctor Strange … When Gordon and Bullock find where the Alice Tetch virus was being developed, Hugo Strange saves them from the test subject. [5], After Barbara Kean awakens from her coma, a nurse tells someone to inform Strange. Cobblepot then confronts Mooney and Strange while sending Marv on his way. Declared dead, Pike got transferred to Indian Hill where she witnessed other people being horrifically experimented upon by the scientists of the facility. Strange is ultimately exposed, and gets shot twice by the task force when he attempts to escape dressed in his replica Batsuit before falling into a river and disappearing. Strange uses one of his devices to capture Starman's Cosmic Rod to use its power to attack everyone and everything that Batman holds dear. After Bane manages to capture Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne for Nyssa, Nyssa orders Bane to find Barbara Kean, who took part in her father's death and tells Gordon that Bane wants him to join their mission in eliminating all criminal elements in Gotham, however, Gordon rejects as Strange tells him to never say never before injecting in the neck with an object that leaves Gordon unconscious. 2020 - Découvrez le tableau "Docteur Strange" de Byul kasandeula sur Pinterest. After realising that reanimated humans need a new identity in order to successfully 'live', Strange transforms Galavan into the vengeful fighter Azrael. [25], Hugo Strange later appeared as a member of the Cabal. Gotham. Dr. Hugo Strange is the former Chief of Psychiatry and director of Arkham Asylum who was involved in experimentation on human beings at Indian Hill. [8], Strange's ghost returns again to haunt Thorne in Detective Comics #513 (April 1982), #516 (July 1982), #518 (September 1982), and #520 (November 1982) and Batman #354 (December 1982), leading up to the appearance of the real Hugo Strange in the last panel of the last page of the fifth issue mentioned here.

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